Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review of the Barnes & Noble Nook 1st Edition

Hi, my name is Derek and I will be reviewing the latest and greatest technology and games that come into being. Today my entry is on the Barnes and Noble Nook portable reading device.

Overview: The Nook reading device is a very reliable piece of hardware. It can hold up to 1.3 GB of books, apps(Nook Color only), and music. Now this is my brother's Nook and there may be other models you can buy with more memory. A nice feature of the Nook is that not only can you get apps on it, but you can sync the music from your iPod/MP3 Player onto the nook and listen to it while you are reading. The problem is that when you use anything besides just reading books, it drains the battery very quickly. So if you are playing a game on it you probably want to keep it plugged in charging. There are two versions of the Nook, Wi-fi and 3G. The Wi-fi version being around $120 and 3G being around $180. Both you have access to the internet. Wi-fi you need a wireless router to connect to and on 3G you can get only books anywhere. But you still need a router connection for the internet on the 3G.

Can get apps(only on Nook Color) music, and books
Not very expensive
Easy to see in the sun

No backlight so cannot read in the dark
The internet is quite slow
Not for people that want it mainly for apps and the internet

Conclusion: The Nook is a very good reading device for a good price. The fact that you can get the internet is an upside and will help greatly with casual browsing and when you get bored of your books. But you will have to be patient with the internet. Overall very good piece of technology.

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