Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review of 'Light of Eidon' by Karen Hancock

Hey, it's Derek and today I will be reviewing one of the books that I read on the iPad app iBooks.

'Light of Eidon' is about a young man named Abramm that is currently in the spiritual organization called the Mataio, who presumedly worships the sovereign god Eidon, which is another name for our God in this book. But as Abramm progresses to the point of becoming a full member of the Mataio, the supposed
'Flames' that Eidon's son Tersius, our Jesus, dwells in, rejects him as a full member or Guardian. After that he starts praying to Eidon and feels as if he had been touched by him. But he realizes that this is not what the touch is supposed to feel like. It was a dark and shadowy thing crawling into his mind. And then another segment in the story comes in. The Terstans worship Eidon also, but they believe that Eidon can come to anybody who asks. The proof of Eidon in their hearts is a golden shield, emblazoned over their hearts. As Abramm realizes that the Mataio are not the true worshippers of Eidon, the Terstan Eltrap Meridon, comes and evacuates him from the darkest depths of the Mataio's dungeons. Abramm and Trap are exiled to the faraway land of Esurh for fear of the Terstan and Abramm causing a civil war between the Matio and Terstans. There they are sold into slavery and then entered into the Esurh Arena Games. They fight their way through enemy after enemy until Abramm realizes he has become a great warrior. He is then presumed to be the Dorsaddi's 'Deliverer'. And he will reignite the great star that has protected them from the evil forces of the ruler of Esurh, Beltha'adi. But it is Trap instead that reignited their star by a mass of Dorsaddi accepting the shield. Abramm comes to realize that maybe Eidon's true hand is the Terstans. And as he goes on to accept the shield, he must finally face the ruler, Beltha'adi. But as he fights he is taken over by Eidon and given the power to defeat Beltha'adi.

In my opinion this was a very good book. Full of a young man's story to figure out the true worshippers of the sovereign god Eidon, he is plagued with troubles and doubts along the way. It is full of action and a little romance. This is a great overall christian fiction. I would recommend this to ages 13-18. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed another segment of 12 Year Old Technology.

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